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Our faith

Our faith is synopsized by the Symbol of Faith.


1) WE BELIEVE that Holy Bible, that is 39 books of Old Testament and the 27 books of New Testament, is inspired by God, adequate, secure and infallible Word of God.

2) WE BELIEVE that one GOD exists, who created the world, human, by His word and that one God preexisted in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

3) WE BELIEVE in deity of our Lord Jesus Christ and in His birth from Virgin Mary, in His perfect sinlessly life -perfect God and perfect man- in His miraculous power, in His substitutive, for the sinner, death on the Cross, in His constitutional resurrection from the dead, in His ascension in heaven and in His second glorious coming.

4) WE BELIEVE in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit through which the sinner is reborn, the believer lives a godly life and through His power and gifts he serves and fulfills His holy will.

5) WE BELIEVE that the human being is innately a sinner and divided from God and that is impossible for him to enter the kingdom of God and to be saved by his good deeds. He is saved only by God's grace, through Holy Spirit and through His faith on the blessed name of Jesus Christ and His redemptive ministry. Through faith, the sinner accepts Jesus Christ, entrusts himself to Him and relies on Him for his salvation.

6) WE BELIEVE in a Holy Universal and Apostolic Church , in the countless group of believers of every era and nation, who, unified through the Holy Spirit with Jesus Christ as Church's head, they comprise one body in Jesus Christ and they have communion with Him and with each other.

7) WE BELIEVE that God calls us in His Church to undertake the cost and the joy of discipleship, to be His servants among people, to worship Him in spirit and truth, to preach the gospel allover the world, to resist and repress evil forces, to be part of Jesus Christ's Baptism and participate in the Holy Communion and to identify with His passions and victory.

8) WE BELIEVE that God promises to those who trust Him, forgiveness of their sins, the wealth of His grace, courage in their battles for justice and peace, His presence in sorrow and happiness and eternal life in His eternal Kingdom.

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