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65th Biblical Conference at Leptokarya

"Argos Zodhiates" Bible Center

"Argos Zodhiates" Bible Center is located in Leptokarya Pierias and it covers an area of about 10.5 acres. It is a lushes green and hospitable place, with the sea on one side and the imposing Mt. Olympus on the other. It is near the village of Leptokarya which has one of the most beautiful coast lines in Pieria. The Bible Center's facilities are the children's camp, the lodging house with the capacity of 100 beds, the bungalows for about 40 guests and the camping area for the nature lovers who can stay in their trailers or tents. There is a football field and a basketball court as well as a place of assembly.

The children's camp usually takes place in the summer months. Two to three camping sessions for elementary school children and one for the teenagers. Conferences, seminars and athletic get togethers are held at our grounds. Different groups from Greece and abroad are accommodated at the Bible Center throughout a year. The option of heating and air conditioning in the hostel houses of the camp, and our ability to provide full or half meals, make the environment ideal for hosting any time of year.

The main purpose of this Center s the children's camp during the summer months. Since 1954, when the camp first started, the management and the whole organization is done by voluntary believers who love children and offer their free time, their service and knowledge to fulfill this ministry.

Everyone, counselors, cabin leaders, doctors and gymnasts who have the knowledge and the experience stick by the children to help them develop their personality, create new friendships and have an unforgettable summer, in a safe and friendly environment. We constantly strive for the best so we can have the proper hygiene and healthy food the children need.

The camp's most important aim is to teach the Word of God and its' values to the children, so they can get to know who God is and follow Him.

So in this beautiful surrounding along with the right infrastructure we strive to cover the children's needs such as relaxation, entertainment, socialization and the acquirement of new experiences. Our faith in God, our love and responsibility towards these children are the main points for a good Christian camp.

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